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Pony Liberation For All!

In the spirit of the Babs Seed episode, have you ever been bullied? 

895 deviants said Yes!
173 deviants said No!
42 deviants said I am a bully!

Devious Comments

timecats Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
All my life I've been bullied. But my experience was worse. One day one of the bullies put a peanut in my drink as cruel joke. I am severly alergic to peanuts if I drank that drink I would be dead today. The bully was NEVER CAUGHT FOR ATEMPTED MURDER the teacher threw out the evidence and asked all the students but a criminal would never answer to there crimes. So if you see this understand that allergies are very serious I almost died that but my friend noticed and worned me.
Bulbaderp Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
People hate me because I'm athiest and I suppourt Gays.Proud to Serve :pride: Rainbow emote portal fun :chemistry: 
deli73123 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
People shouldn't hate you for that, the first of the two is none of their business and the latter is a good thing!!
abc25420 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
when I was in school, 3 years ago, everypony made fun of me cuz I am a brony.
I don't really care what other ponies think about me at all.
tails-fangirl Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
People are bulling me. I hate it.
Isak99 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was bullied during the first half on my 6th Grade, but the bully kept going on with no results, so she moved to a new school after getting talked to ALOT (yes, i mean alot.).
FluttershyMLPFIM Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I have been bullied since my fillyhood and now..
LightCloud-DarkCloud Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I despise them.
I really don't like them. In fact, many of my bullies, are lurking around my school.
So right here, right now, I'm gonna spill my story. Just skip it if you don't want to read. You know, I'm not important or anything, but, if I don't let this go, no one is going to know that I really just want to jump off the highest place ever, and not live.

Kindergarten is where it all started. There was this boy, Sammy, who used to pick on me everyday, for the rest of the year. And he was very hurtful. So one day I punched him, an instead of him getting punished, it's me.
First grade was even worst.
Ha, first,worst! Rhymes!
Anyway, I forgot his name, but he really wanted to kill me. He would threaten me to the ends of the earth. In secret, he would kick me and punch me. I told someone but they didn't believe me.
"He's an angel!"
I almost killed my self. Almost.
But luckily, I met this guy and I really liked him. But I really wasn't sure, so I didn't tell anyone. He kept me from killing my self
Second grade, I met Jose.
From there, he broke all my things, or stole them. He would kick me from under the seats, and I would come home bleeding. No one noticed, so I was still quiet. He would scare me. And all this stopped until, what, 4 years later? Yeah, it did. I told that little, or big actually, f***er to shut up.
All those, so called friends betrayed me. Until 5th, which wasn't so terrible.
My best friend, really is the greatest person ever. She loves to draw, and we said everything that was making us feel like trash out to each other, we liked Pokemon. ( another thing to get bullied for.)
She picked me up and I picked her up. Best friends to the very end.
Separated classes the next year. We are still best friends.
Now, it's freaking seventh grade, and like I said in the other poll, I'm only 12.
Remember earlier, at first grade, that guy that I really wasn't sure that I loved? Yeah. I am head over heels for him (more of head over hooves). I dream about this guy. Problem: he doesn't even know. Whenever we have to sit together,
I feel all weird, and ,I dunno, fuzzy? It's just, I don't know.
Not only that, but music class is pushing me in to this too. We all have to sing a song, more like lip-sync a song, from a long time ago. Like bands of The Temptations, or the Supremes.
We had to watch The Temptations movies, and the part with them singing,
"just my imagination(running away with me)"
Got to me.
Not only that, but the class is chock filled with boys. Not that I have a problem with that.
19 boys, 7 girls.
That's how many.
Anyway, you would think all these girls would stick up for each other. But instead there are two groups: one with three now four popular girls that think they are all that,group a, and one with two girls, I think, that did let me hang out with them for a little, but just because I gave them a big bag of skittles every week, group b,after that they kicked me out. And then if you add the number of girls in each group, there are 6. What?! What about me?!
Yeah, about that, I'm an outcast. An outsider. I don't really belong anywhere. But that's just fine with me. It's okay, I guess. Otherwise, the girls would actually, uh, they would group a, bully me and trick me, saying I should go kill myself and that I'm a bitch.
Group b, they would treat me like a dog, and when they're not, they would tell me to change my everything, like dress in some slutty sh*t, or cut my long hair, or they would just threaten me, just because they want me to be with the guy I love, which I appreciate the effort, but I love my self too. I can't act like I'm some slut.
Gotta be me.
All this is affecting me and my family too. They gave me therapy, but did that help? No. Of course not. That made everything the same as it is, or even worse.
I have an imaginary friend, so now, everyone thinks I'm crazy. My mother wanted to commit suicide. Luckily I didn't let that happen.
Then my relatives are dying, like my aunt on my brother's birthday, or my grandma on Christmas, or even my other aunt getting cancer on MY birthday. That was really bad. But me and my rules.
So I ignore all these bad things like the Bullies, or the deaths, or the crazy notes.
Here are my rules to get through this:
Be positive
Keep calm
Carry on
And to me the most important:

So that's all I got to say.
Wait wait wait!
Just a second.
Here's just a little note.
Don't feel so bad. I guess that some of the thing are pretty bad, or downright horrible. In fact, my life is practically screwed! That's fine for me I think. I'm just a tool in school, and at home. If you are being bullied, tell someone. Don't stand there like an idiot with your mouth open, tell someone! Sorry for calling you an idiot. I didn't mean it, I am so sorry, for real, I'm not joking, did I hurt you, I feel really bad, seriously, and right there is my normal apologies. You the victims: should get hugs.
Hugs for all! :hug:

F you! You ruined my fricking life, I don't like you, I can tear you all to pieces right now!- I mean, sorry, sorry, so so sorry, I didn't mean it, I mean, I did mean it, but you know, did it feel bad? If it did, I feel terrible, I mean, I feel real bad.
Anyway, stop being such a turd. It really hurts other people. Think of everyone here, that commented that they were bullied. Think of the other comment by PinkXombiePony! Think about the bully in the show, Gilda!
Stop being like this. Really. Some even could commit suicide because of this kind of thing. Not good.
So just think this over. Don't be a bad bad seed. Be a Babs Seed. :) ;)
deli73123 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope your life improves and the bullies stop being mean to you
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