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Pony Liberation For All!
There's a big bunch of contest journals on the horizon. If you need a place to go in order to see a wide variety of current pony contests, look no further. If you have some spare time and fancy having a go at winning a few prizes, why not check them out?

The Grand New Years' Contest And Giveaway!!THAT'S RIGHT IT'S CONTEST TIME :iconexplodelaplz:
The deadline has been shifted to the 1ST OF MARCH due to lack of entries.
It's that glorious time of year again, with new resolutions, new hopes, new dreams- so what better time for a new contest and giveaway? :la:
So let's take a look at what this entails!
I want more art of my OCs, so you have to draw them for this contest! :iconawesomeplz:
Quick summary:  Lazy Bum is a goo pony (due to a magic processing error back in the day), and her sister Crack Shot is a Pegasus pony. They haven't seen each other since they were fillies, but Crack Shot is looking for Lazy Bum. Lazy Bum is carefree and acts silly, even where her love of money is concerned, whereas Crack Shot is the epitome of seriousness and is only known to crack a smile when she is about to get either a lead on her sister's

:iconfivedollarponies: is running a great contest to draw her OCs!

Small Commissions Open!                        

:iconxnedra22: is running a contest that puts the focus on literature and art.

Navy's Winter Night Contest:iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz::iconsnowflakedivplz:
:bulletwhite: Navy's Winter Night Contest :bulletwhite:
Alas I am hosting another contest! :squee: Since I am a lover of the night, and I know many of you out there are too, I am hosting a Winter night contest! So! Here's the deal...
:bulletblue: Mission :bulletblue:
There are going to be three options in this contest. A Digital/Traditional option, a Literature, and a photography option. But there will be only ONE winner overall the options. I just wanted to provide a few categories for those who are not strong in digital art and who perhaps wanted the choice of writing instead of drawing. Basically you can choose whichever section you want. And if you want to make a digital art piece and enter a poem / short story you can. All in all the sections are for you to choose from. You can enter however many times in however m

:iconmelodyofthewolf: is running a contest with a big focus on art, literature and photography.

Contest -OVER- And so the deadline passes.  
Not one entry?
Too bad.
You can still have a chance to win a pony plush from me by entering this contest over here:
I may do another contest in the future.
For now, I'm just going to work on art.
Hello to all my watchers, and pony friends. =) I've decided it would be fun to challenge the imaginations of my fellow MLP:FiM fans :heart:
:star:The ever important THEME!
We all know and love the mane six, (or at least some percentage of them), but not everypony out there is familiar with the older stories from the first generation of my little pony. Here is your challenge:
Twilight & friends have traveled through a mysterious door, sending them to the land of Dream Valley. The only way back home is to defeat an enemy from the past. Show the world how Twilight & her friends would have taken on one of the villains from the first gene

:iconmistieredpanda: is running a contest with a big focus on past pony generations and villains.

Contest time: Pony-fy me! (Contest closed!)
Contest has officially ended! Thank you so much to all of those who've participated and shown interest! Please check back for the results in about a week's time! :D

In light of the looming end of the current series, I thought I'd hold my first, special contest in honor of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic under the theme of "Pony-fy me!"
Your mission for this contest is to pony-fy one (or both *nudge*) of my main characters:
Onyrica: /
:bulletblue:Physical traits> Auburn hair, green eyes, relatively pale complexion.
:bulletblue:Personality> Stubborn, strong-willed, witty, clever, very blunt and straight to the point
:bulletblue:Other> In her own story, she is a healer type with the ability to create shiel

:icononyrica: is running a contest to 'ponify' their characters.

I have decided to do a contest! Yaaayyy :icondummydanceplz:
This is my first contest so it won't be that organized, sorry >_>
I'll get straight to the point:
The contest begins now!~
Draw one of my OCs with your OC doing something wintery! - This is open to all skills and mediums! Digital art, animation, traditional art, music... anything. Just draw one of my OCs and your OC having winter-time fun! This will not be based on drawing skill, but on how creative it is.
The following characters are the ONLY ones you may choose from:

:iconblueblitzie: is running a contest that requires people to draw one of your OCs with their OCs doing something wintery.

3rd Contest: Crossover PoniesThe votes are in*, and our third contest theme is: Crossover Ponies!
You can either put the show's pony in another story universe, or bring a character from your favorite movie, TV show, game, comic, book, etc. into Equestria in pony form. Please include a link to the other source of the crossover (especially if it's not widely known).
The contest ends FEB. 15th 2013. Because most people have school and holiday time-soaks, you're getting a little more time to finish your entries.
1. You can enter as often as you like, however you will only win one prize.
2. You may use previously made plushies.
3. Entries must be your own work. You can NOT enter store bought plushies (including modified ones), or plushies you have commissioned from other artists.
4. You must be a member of this group to participate & vote.
1. Make sure "MLP Plushie Contest" is in the title of your submission.
2. Link to a picture of the pony you're updating.
3. Submit dire

:iconvoodoo-tiki: is running a crossover plush contest with prizes including Amazon gift vouchers and plushies.

Sisterhood Pony Contest- 2 more days!Don't panic! The old journal is here if you still need it!
Edit: Ohhhh Man I actually have to start DECIDING? Buck XD
Man you guys all have done so much work on these. It's going to be more than difficult to pick just 3 :stare: Heck there are still a few people finishing up. I have to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for not only entering the contest but submitting such amazing work :heart:
Because I couldn't live with myself if I didn't give all of you guys something. Aside from the top 3, EVERYONE who entered is going to get 100:points: from me because I don't think its gonna kill my points numbers XD
Current Entries

:iconthetriforcebearer:  Is running a contest involving drawing some of their OCS together.

A little mini contest (100 point giveaway)Sup' guys :iconhithereplz:I have a tiny contest for you I want you to find a pony artist who has about the same skills as me and my most current works
Such as these

(Another mini contest here!)

:bulletpink: be sure to put up a person/people that hasn't been nominated yet otherwise I will completely ignore your comment
:bulletred:you must be watching me if you haven't please, do so now
:bulletorange: you cannot chose someone who's newest works include the use of bases (5 or more bases)
:bulletyellow: you can choose as many people as you wish
:bulletgreen: you can't nominate yourself
:bulletblue: you can ask a friend to nominate you
:bulletpurple:please don't submit someone with a lot of mature deviations
:bulletwhite:if you want to win don't flatter me
:bulletblack: the person who submits the the most equal artist will win no matter how many they entered and if th

:icondeep-fried-love: is doing a little mini contest worth checking out.


:iconmsteetertotter: is running a contest offering mod positions in a growing Luna group.


:iconrainbowcolordream: is looking for all good comedians to take part in their humour-based contest.

Final Favorite Scene Season Three Prizes NeededSoon we will be starting our third contest!
As requested after our last contest this will take place over a longer period of time than a week, and will probably run until the season finale in order to allow people to create more extensive work and/or to base their work on any of the season three episodes.
but in order to do this we need some serious prizes
If you would like to donate art : Please leave a comment on the page or send a group note. If you want to donate points : Please comment below and send them to Ghost-Stars, she will distribute them at the end of the contest.
(if donating points please specify if you want us to advertise your work or not)
Anyone donating to this contest will be featured in this journal on the front page while we accumulate prizes. If you are looking to start commissions and need a place to advertise then this is the perfect place to get some views. Let us know in a comment or a note what you want to donate and it will be listed he

:icontridgeon: is looking for some generous people who are willing to donate prizes for a future contest on their group. Charitable members are encouraged.


:iconwhitedove-creations: is running a plushie giveaway, rules of which can be found above.

Boo Contest #5! (Now includes Flipnote Hatena Ver)Here's the History (Copied from last year):
Boo Contest #1-March ?, 2008-March 24, 2008
Boo Contest #2-(I decided to make it later...) December 7, 2009-December 18, 2009
Boo Contest #3-(Planning to keep date the same...) November 19, 2010-December 15, 2010
Boo Contest #4-(Slightly extended) November 21, 2011-January 7, 2012
Boo Contest #5-(Planned to open; Delayed start) November 29, 2012-January 15, 2013
Boo Contest #6-SOON
My actual journal description for BC#4 (re-typed + some edits):
Late start. This was supposed to start on the 21st of November. Well, there really is no reward. It's for fun. I will try to figure out a *reward though...
What's this? It was an annual contest I held each year for fun. "Was annual?" Well, I used to hold it each year. Not anymore. But I decided I'd do one this year. Drawing that ghost character Boo from the Mario universe.
Rules. The rules from last time have changed a bit.
1. Draw ONLY the character 'Boo'
2. It can be up to 2 Boos in 1 im

:iconchainchomp7: is running a bit of a crossover contest that's worth checking out.

Monthly Contest 2: January: CLOSEDCLOSED!
OPEN FOR ENTRIES! Winners announced February 5th.
One entry per person!

Hello, everyone! Since this contest opened a little late, I'll keep entries open until the third of February.
Topic: Red
Entries accepted from: January 3rd-February 3rd. Winners announced by: February 5th.
~Must contain the colour red, and feature some kind of object or living creature. {So it can't just be a blank red canvas, or geometric shapes in various shades of red}
~All art must be original. NO bases or photomanipulations!
Brownie Points:
~Contains one or more of :devEnglishEarlGrey's characters:
~Artist uses only different shades of red to carry their meaning across the image.
~Original and creative interpretation of the colour red.
Accepted Media:
~Traditional drawings {paintings included}
~Digital drawings
{No photographs, baked goods, costumes, literature, etc. etc.}
First place:
~5 :points: from

:iconenglishearlgrey: is running another of their monthly contests.

Mlp Can I Have a Sugar Cube? Contest by Hershey78

:iconhershey78: is running a contest to win a character.

:iconcindrytuna: is running a couple of contests to win some characters!

(Please let me know if any of these link to the wrong places and I'll sort them out immediately - good luck!)

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