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Pony Liberation For All!
Hello, my name is ColgateFIM.

After a time of working as a co-founder for this group and lending a hand at helping out with for example the sorting system I have decided to ultimately step down from its administration. The reasons are that I do no longer agree with how this group is being run and the current state of general affairs that is going on- to the point that I can no longer find enjoyment in investing time here. So instead of creating a fuss with unnecessary drama I have decided to quietly and calmly resign as an administrator and co-founder entirely.

This journal will most likely be taken down with all due haste, but know that this is my official resignation letter. The details of my decision are pointless, and you will most likely get different intepretations on the matter depending on who you ask, so I would merely suggest that we all forget this entire matter and calmly move on as my resignation will not have any negative impact on this group, so you do not have to worry. I did enjoy spending time here for as long as it lasted, and I still respect the man who recruited me from the very start.

Be well members, good luck to the competitors in The Royalty Contest, there´s tons of awesome drawings in there(check them out)! And finally have a Happy Christmas!



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