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Pony Liberation For All!
Hear ye, hear ye, our group has become even greater and more powerful on this great and powerful day as we have blasted past the 6000 member mark! That means we got over 1000 members in a single month! You guys are great for making our little club such an awesome place that attracts new members! As always, we thank you heartily for drawing, writing, crafting, and animating all things pony and sharing it here to make Ponies-For-Everypony a place worthy of bringing pony lovers happiness and joy! We hope to see even more of these festivities in the results of our Royalty Contest!

We also have a new admin who has joined our ranks. Say hi to Cheshire-pony! She'll be helping out and making life here even better, so treat her nicely!

On to the next episode! On to the next comic book! Let's strive for even greater heights and the glory they'll bring!

Babs seed loves to hide under the christmas tree by Daughter-of-Fantasy

Credit to Daughter-of-Fantasy for the image!

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