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Pony Liberation For All!
Well everybody, everypony, and everysomething, we've passed the 5000 member mark! A great and powerful thanks goes to each and every one of you who make this group so friendly and artistically wonderful! All of your hard work collectively makes us awesome, and I'm sure that we all like being awesome! Another big thank you goes to the moderators and contributors who keep the group in order and running to its fullest potential! With all of us working together, let us strive towards that next great, big mark of greatness and bigness!

Also, dun forget about Season 3. The epicness will destroy our brains and minds, so I hope none of you are planning on thinking in the near future.

Pinkie's prefered mode of transport by SketchyStars

Credit to SketchyStars for the image!

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If you could spend the day with one of the mane six ponies which one would it be? 

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