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Pony Liberation For All!

Group Aims

Free The Ponies, For Everypony!

Grab Your Ticket, Today!


We accept all original pony related artwork and literature, as long as it meets DeviantArt guidelines. Just submit to the 'Submission Box' and we will handle the rest!

This group is always a WIP - we love to hear your feedback! Feel free to join if you're interested. We promise to be different from some groups you may find around Deviant Art - as in, we're working for you, not the other way around! But you'll just have to watch or join our group to find out what we have to offer, right?

Our main belief, however, is that every fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic deserves a place within the fandom. We want to encourage everypony to be as original and artistic as possible, and in the spirit of this we accept any and all original deviations, and try to scout out talented users that need their time in the spotlight!

We don't, however, accept the following:

• Blogs! If you want to send a journal, submit it as a journal.
• Any non-canon, non-equine species.
• Pony Maker images, or images identical to PM style.
• By extension, anything using pre-made bases.
• G-Mod images / SFM images, unless it is your own re-skin.


Important Updates


Newest Updates (21/4/2015)

• Our newest moderators to join the team are lordcurly972, ThePoneSenpai, & thegreatloofa! Also, Otkurzacz has joined the league of co-founders. Good luck to all!

Newest Updates (15/1/2014)

• Our newest moderators have joined the sorting team! Let's hope BAMART19 and Left2Fail do a spectacular job! Look forward to open team positions in the future if you're interested!

New Updates (28/12/2013)

• Our Artist Training Grounds have concluded for now! Thank you to everyone who participated! We are grateful for all your hard work and efforts!



No need to look around!


What did you think of Season 5, Episode 12: "Amending Fences"? 

124 deviants said I loved it! MLP FiM: S5 E12 - Amending Fences Review (BEST EP) by Cuddlepug
30 deviants said I haven't seen it yet (someone get this person a video link!)
27 deviants said It was OK!
7 deviants said It sucked!

Group Fan art!

Have art for us? Send it in!


Cretins, lols

Staff Members

The Ponies Who Live To Serve:


Rannarbananar, Cuddlepug & quila111
~ Founders
~ UK/Canada Time Zones (GMT)

matrix541, Otkurzacz
~ Kings in the Castle
~ USA Time Zone

LadyKochou, BAMART19, Left2Fail, lordcurly972, ThePoneSenpai, thegreatloofa
~ Deviation Sorting
~ USA Time Zone

Pixel Pony:: Dream Cloud by Rannarbananar Pixel Pony:: Scuttlebutt by Rannarbananar Pixel Pony: Herp Derp by Rannarbananar

Please read before commenting!

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Don't ask to join! It auto accepts!
This group is open to anyone who's interested! You'll be automatically accepted when you press the join button on the left side of this front page, so no need to ask if you can join!

For those with Submission Issues, here is a solution that seems to work:
When you hit Contribute Art and you're brought to the gallery page, go to the url and delete the part that says /?new, then hit enter. Then, hit Contribute Gallery and the submission page should pop up.


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ChaosPhantom444 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Fourth of July all you pony fans!
7uprulez Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey umm.. Im agree with the other guy below. Im not mad or anything but i typically make a piece about once every week, and I really want to submit them all to this group, but its 30 days to submit :S maybe consider lowering it to 14 days? ^^;
equinepalette Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not angry, but one deviation allowed per month? Like, I get that this is a huge group, but just up the quality standards to lower the submission count. One per month is pretty outrageous. 
Seriouslyksn Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
I would love to join please 
ChaosPhantom444 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
If anyone liked the 100th episode of MLP, give a shout
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